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Helping People Use Computers in Boulder for Over 25 Years

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My Mission

Patient, expert help for beginning and experienced computer users of all ages.

What's a Maven?

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Maven as "A person who has special knowledge or experience; an expert." I have a Master's degree in Computer Science and many years of experience as a computer programmer, teacher, and consultant.  Microsoft has recognized me as a Most Valuable Professional and Windows XP Expert for the help that I give to Windows users.

What's a Computer?

There used to be two types of home computers: desktops and laptops. Now, tablets and smartphones can meet many people's computing needs.

How I Can Help You

First, I listen carefully to your questions and concerns, so that I understand what you want to do and what problems you're having.  Then, I give clear answers, without unnecessary technical jargon, from the experience that I've gained by helping thousands of people.  Some clients have told me that I'm the first person who has explained things in words that they can understand. My areas of expertise include:

Who Can Benefit

I can help you, whatever your experience and needs are.  My clients include:

My Services

I offer consulting at your home or office, by phone, and by remote support over the Internet.  If you live outside the Boulder area, please contact me to arrange a phone or remote support session.

I can help with all of your computer needs, including:

Computer Information

Here are some web sites that I recommend for computer information:

Recommended Software, Services, and Accessories


Backup systems to protect your files from loss due to data corruption or hard disk failure

Computer Accessories

Cellular Phones and Service

More About Me

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When I'm not doing computer work, I enjoy performing with these music and dance groups:

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